Winter Blues

Hello all,

Thank you for joining me. I am Grace Torgerson, I live in a quaint little town called Turtle Lake, located in Northwest Wisconsin. Hopefully you can get to know me better through my posts.

I always envy the people that are lucky enough to be born or live in the southern states. It is ALWAYS warm and NEVER snows. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the snow, just not the weather that comes with it. People always ask me if I want to move down south, in the warm and live with the cowgirls (Just so ya know I am an all country girl). I don’t think I would ever be able to live down south, just because, my family and dearest friends are here and I don’t know how I would get along without them. But of course, it would be nice to move down south.

My cousins just recently came to visit us from Texas, they were a hoot (Hehe). Now I have to warn you, I catch on to accents really easy so if you were to be from Australia and you stayed at my house, boy would I be in trouble. So anyway, by the end of their stay I had started speaking southern on and off. They thought I was trying to, but I was trying NOT to, (I get embarrassed when that sort of thing happens. ). We had a great time together, by the end of their stay they were more like sisters than cousins. We hugged and said goodbye with sorrow, for we wouldn’t see each other for a LONG while. So, if you guys are reading this, I MISS YOU!

Well I guess that’s all that I have time for today. Until next time,

GJ (Thats short for Grace Julia, my first and middle name)

P.S. Since we are friends you can call me GJ


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