Envelope Pushers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Envelope Pushers.”

Ever do stuff that some people would never think of doing? Do you ever do dares? Well, I do, sometimes. There is a difference between doing something brave and something dumb, you have to decide which is which and draw that line so that you will never cross it. I have done lots of brave things and lots of dumb things.  What’s your dare that you did, what’s your brave?

My  mind is drawing blanks right now and I can’t really think of any times of crazy brave dares I did, but I do know of a crazy dumb thing my brother did.

Noah, Drew, and I were at my grandparents dairy farm, we were in the room where the cows give birth. There was a metal fence between Noah and the mother cow, she was huge, definitely taller than Noah.

“Noah, I dare you to go in there and wave your red coat at the cow and make it angry.” Drew said with a smirk. Noah looked at Drew and grabbed his coat, he climbed under the fence and stood up. There he was, in front of the huge cow, he felt like he was in a Colosseum like in the roman ages. He took a deep breath then waved the coat in front of the cow, the cow saw her baby behind Noah and got real mad. She charged out of nowhere and ran straight for Noah. Noah dove out of the fence, scrambling to pull his feet out from underneath the fence. He stood up and let out a long frightened breath. He did it, he finished the dare. I thought that the cow would just sit there and chew on her cud, not aware that Noah was even in there, but no, she charged him! As Noah and Drew walked out I stood there staring at her, thinking back at what just happened. As I turned and left I looked back one more time at the feisty mama who charged my brother. Lucky for her, I didn’t maul her on the spot.

For now,




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