It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It’s that time again, Christmas. That magical time of year. It’s my favorite time, the snow shimmering in the sun, and kids barely able to contain the excitement for Christmas morning. It’s so magical the morning of Christmas, the kids run downstairs almost tripping over each other, waking up mom and dad so they can open their presents, the family gathered around the Christmas tree, everyone smiling and happy. It seems like mom and dad can never get up fast enough, they always keep the kids waiting. The night before no one is able to sleep. When they say, “All through the house not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.” That is so untrue, I would always be up way past midnight, just trying to fall asleep. I was never able to sleep on Christmas eve.

Though it is fun to get presents and to do all the holiday tradition, that isn’t the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn’t about the presents or the candy, it’s about so much more. It’s the day Jesus the son of God was born, people all over came to see him. The helpless babe lying in a manger, in a stable where they kept the animals because there was no room at the inn. The star that led the wise men to Jesus shining brightly overhead. The animals all silent watching the little baby, the people gathered in long lines just to give a gift to the baby, for some it was all they had.

That’s the TRUE meaning of Christmas, it is so special and amazing that Jesus would share HIS birthday with US. We are so selfish, all we want is to give people hints of what WE want, when really have you ever thought of giving Jesus a gift or giving a gift to someone who is unable to provide a gift or is poor. I encourage during this holiday season to give a gift to someone who is unable to pay the bills or even if it is someone who is rich, maybe there heart is hurting and God put them in your path for a special reason. Whoever that person is, love on them and serve them to the best of your abilities. Have a wonderful holiday season this year.



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