Giving or Receiving?

I know that if someone asked me if I would rather give or receive and I would tell them ‘give’ because I want to look giving and thoughtful in front of other people, but the truth is I like receiving stuff too, maybe even a little more than I do giving. We all want things, it’s our human nature to want stuff, it’s hard not to. We should take control of our human spirit and make sure that we don’t just think of ourselves, so that we can put others in front of ourselves. God wants us to act like a servant to others, he wants us to ALWAYS think of what others want instead of what you want. Remember, we aren’t always going to think of others first, but I encourage you to try your hardest. Think, WWJD What Woould Jesus Do if you think of that every time you make a decision you will always know the right choice.

My dare for you this week,

Think of WWJD and be a servant to everyone around you. Let me know how it goes.

For know,




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