The B-I-B-L-E

Yep that’s the book for me! 😉 I was reading my bible in 1st and 2nd Corinthians a little while ago and it was so beautiful with the lighting and everything that I took a picture to show you all! Hope you like them! Have a great week! GJ XOXO Advertisements


Hey y’all, How ya doing today? What are your emotions? Sad, tired? Happy? Excited? Living? Are you alive?! I hope so, cause if you are reading this and were not alive that would kinda be creepy, lol. Today is January 25th, I am at church listening to the worship team practice. It sounds really good! … More @MyChurch

New Year Greetings

Happy new year all! I am deeply sorry for not writing these past two months. I hope y’all forgive me! I will tell you about my Christmas and New Year if that’s alright. My Christmas vacation has been filled with busy ness and more busy stuff. We had lots of parties and celebrations. I have … More New Year Greetings