Hey y’all,
How ya doing today? What are your emotions? Sad, tired? Happy? Excited? Living? Are you alive?! I hope so, cause if you are reading this and were not alive that would kinda be creepy, lol. Today is January 25th, I am at church listening to the worship team practice. It sounds really good! Just wish I could be a part of it! They are singing build your kingdom, today.

We are your church and we are the hope on earth. Build your kingdom here let the darkness fear. Show your mighty power, heal our streets and land set your church on fire, change the atmosphere build your kingdom here we pray!

Live those lyrics! Well my youth leader/worship leader, Sam Ambrose is having me help him since he is preaching today. Don’t know what I have to do, but I am pretty sure it’s gonna be something weird knowing Sam. :p he’s so weird!:) Well I better go, church is almost starting and after church we are gonna go tubing at trollhaugen with the church family. It is gonna be SUPER FUN! I wish you could come with me! You would love it! I will tell you all why happens tomorrow or sometime this week! Love y’all!




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