Dance like no one is watching you

Hey everyone!

Haven’t written for a while now, I can’t believe how busy it has been! Wow, and I thought Christmas season was busy. Alright so I recently started ballet this last November I think? Yes anyway, I love it, it’s so much fun! More than I could ever imagine! I have been working on getting my front splits, and I am proud to announce that as of today, I HAVE MY SPLITS!!!! AAAAAA so excited! I WAS able to do the splits when I was little because I was in gymnastics, but sadly lost it over time. Haha but now I have it back, this time it won’t get away from me so easily… Well gotta go, I still have math left to do. Blah! Math stinks, found this thing that I thought was really cool, ¬†M. A. T. H. = Mental Abuse To Humans
Pretty cool huh? Well talk to you later!




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