Accidents Happen

Hello all,

How is your day today? Good??? Not good? I am having a good day so far. A couple days ago my siblings and I were making a tent in the basement, my brother Noah got mad because me and Kate were making a tent on “their” side of the room. Noah pushed the dollhouse knocking down half of our tent, our backs were turned when we heard a crash and then crying and pain. I turned around and there on the ground was little Kate, she was crying uncontrollably and covering her face. I picked her up and asked her what happened.

“The dollhouse hit my lip,” She cried. I looked at her face, she was bleeding all over. She let go of me and ran upstairs to mom. Mom cleaned her face up then examined her lip.

“She should get stitches.” Mom said looking up. Kate shook her head frantically. Mom took some tape out and cut small strips and put two on Kate’s lip, pulling the wound together. Kate couldn’t smile for a while now.

“That is gonna be hard for her, she always smiles.” I said smiling, “Kate, you better not smile or your face will crack, literally.” I laughed, Kate giggled with her mouth forming an “O” so she wouldn’t smile. Her lip is getting better and better every day. I just wanted to ask you to pray for her, that her lip continues to heal strongly. I know God has his angels around our family.

Thanks for your prayers,




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