Good Friday


How is everyone? I missed you all lots when I was on vacation in Florida! You were in my thoughts and prayers. 😀 I can’t believe it is already Easter weekend! I have an awesome story to tell you about! So here goes…

She threw herself on her bed weeping uncontrollably.

“Why God! WHY!?!?” Her mind screamed. She has been living a hypocritical life, talking the talk, but not walking the walk. She has a good knowledge of the bible, friends come to her for advice, but she doesn’t have her heart right. She can’t understand why, or how, or what to do. That night she cried out to God, asking Him why He wasn’t helping her. She just didn’t get it, she asked God to help her do things all the time, like help her be obedient or not be disrespectful to her parents, but He never did. What that girl didn’t realize is that deep inside her soul there was a battle going on, a battle for that girl’s eternity. Good vs. Evil. She would ask God to help her, but she couldn’t do it herself because a demon was holding her prisoner. He tried his best to not let her see it, to have her go on living the fake life she had been living, but that girl was done with that, done with feeling lost, done with hating herself, done with wishing she could take back what she did everyday. That girl started praying and praying, in her prayers all she would say is the name of Jesus Christ. Her words inside her heart got louder and louder until she started saying them out loud. She didn’t know what was happening, it was as if someone was speaking for her. She said suddenly, “In the name of Jesus Christ, demon get out of my heart. My God sent his Son to the cross so I can live. In the name of Jesus.” And suddenly she felt a freedom, like a huge weight was lifted off of her. She found the lap of her heavenly father again and she cuddled up inside. That girl was me. I had been that fake christian girl. Now, I am free, I am who God created me to be. And most of all I am happy here. Now I see God in everything, it;s sooooooo amazing. God does help me know, he helps me think before I speak, I am no longer the girl that I was.

If that’s you today I encourage you to call on the Lord to help you, because you CANT do this alone, that demon is fighting hard for your life. It won’t be easy, but then again everything of value is hard to get isn’t it? If you have any questions or just need a friend to talk to you can email me at

I love you and so does Jesus. He loved you so much he died for you. You are precious to Him. Bring everything to Him, He wants you to give your buredns to Him alone. He WILL direct your path.




4 thoughts on “Good Friday

  1. Wow Grace this is such an amazing post!! That’s such an incredible testimony ❤️ know that I will always be here for you throughout your beautiful journey with Jesus! 😊 love you lots and lots xx


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