Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved,
God has made a path for you to follow, sometimes the storm makes it hard to see, but if you keep your eyes on not what is seen but what is unseen, you will be able to press on! When we worry about problems, it’s usually about problems to come in the future. Jesus says to put those problems back to tomorrow and focus on today, right here, right now. He says to focus on his presence in the here and now. When troubles come our way, thank God for them, for they aren’t troubles, they are obstacles put there by God, to make us stronger. Everything in existence is controlled by our Heavenly Father, so what’s the use being afraid? If he knows that this obstacle will help us and it’s for our good even though we can’t see it yet, why are we still frightened? Is it possibly because we don’t completely trust our Heavenly Father? Are we lacking great faith? Well, my friend all of us are, we all can trust God more and more. Jesus said that when we thank Him for problems that we are already being relieved of them, we are already trusting Him more and more. So today, I dare you. Tell Him you trust Him and thank Him for everything! He understands an knows you thoughts before you speak them. Do you know why? Because, dear daughters and sons. He. Loves. You.
God bless you,




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