Dancing For Jesus

I just wanted to share how I came to love ballet. I never could picture myself as being a ballerina, ever. I loved volleyball and still do, I so wanted to do it professionally. For some reason I was always interested in stretching and being able to do the splits. When I was just starting my 7th grade year, me and one of my best friends, Emily were doing volleyball, in the start of this season we found out we couldn’t do volleyball because we are homeschooled and aren’t in the school district. so we found this ballet academy like 10 miles away from us, it was christian, and they were doing it inside a church because they have no building yet. I thought that I wouldn’t really like it, but boy was I mistaken. Emily, my little sister Kate, and I all did it. Kate was in a class lower than me and Emily. I thought that Kate would love it because she has always loved to dance and has dreamed of doing ballet ever since I can remember. After the second practice I knew that ballet was my passion, I LIVED for it. We (Emily and I) both worked really hard this year and have made it to the next level. next year we will be working with pointe shoes and this summer will be trying out for company (A group of dancers hand selected will go and travel around the surrounding states and perform for churches or whoever)!!! I am so so so so so EXCITED!!! I LOVE BALLET so so so so so much! I will give you guys updates on my dance. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great day! Can you pray for me? Tonight is the recital and I have to do a Grande Jete (Where you jump and do the splits in the air) so I am pretty nervous. Thanks so much!


GJ XOXOBallerina


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