Be you, because you’re the best at that


I have had a hard time trying to fit in. Trying to be someone I’m not, someone the world tells you you should be. You don’t have to change yourself for other people to like you, the best thing is to be yourself. If you’re confident in yourself and happy with who you are then the world can’t tell you otherwise. You’ll have friends, trust me. If not you will always have Jesus. He’s the one we are living for. Always honor God and please Him above everyone and everything else and all other things will fall into place. Be you because you’re the best at that. Sometimes you just gotta be the odd one out. In the end people aren’t gonna remember those that fit in perfectly, they will remember the interesting and cool people, the different people. I challenge you to be yourself no matter what. What would you want to do in every circumstance. Of course don’t sin because that’s what your worldly self wants. Be confident in who God created you to be and it’s okay if you mess up, everyone does!





2 thoughts on “Be you, because you’re the best at that

  1. Thanks for this Grace! A lot of times I feel like the odd one out, and I’m so tempted to change who I am. But truth is, being anything other than who God made us to be is just being a copy.

    God bless! ❤


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