Life is a rollercoaster

Life is a rollercoaster
Life is a rollercoaster

I am a controlling person, I like having things a specific way and everything has to be perfect otherwise I go crazy. I like to plan my life out. I count on everything running smoothly then when God takes me through a detour I freak out and my whole world shatters. (I wonder what will happen when He takes me the opposite direction. :o)

Imagine you are on a rollercoaster, in a black room. You can’t see a thing. When you are born the rollercoaster starts. Don’t plan that you are going to turn right every time because, sometimes you will go left. God is controlling the rollercoaster. Sometimes he will take you to beautiful places where it is light and you can see the next turn ahead so you can get ready for it but, sometimes it turns unexpectedly and you are caught of gaurd. You don’t have to be afraid of falling because you are strapped in safely. No matter what turns or tunnels you go through the roller coaster will always hold you in safely. Others are on a journey too, be encouraging. I am the one that plans on going right and having a great day but, then the roller coaster turns left and I am mad and sad that I didn’t get to go “my way”. Be the type of person who is happy no matter whats happens. Who makes the most of the situation. I have to work on that.


4 thoughts on “Life is a rollercoaster

  1. Wow! The first paragraph totally describes me! True though, life would not always go the way we want it to and I’m still learning how not to be mad and sad when things go south. I like the part where you said we’re safely strapped in and can’t fall out…that’s a wonderful assurance. No matter how crazy life gets, God’s got us! 🙂



  2. Great analogy! I have a tendency to want to control my life too, but sometimes it’s important to “let go and let God”, as they say. Awesome post and very relatable! 🙂


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