Choosing and trusting Jesus

Recently I have been straying. I have not been putting God first on a day to day basis. I was living in sin and I was okay with it. I knew the problem, but I didn’t want the solution. I had become lazy in my faith, putting friends and other things in front of Jesus. Finally I was sick of how sin was making me feel. I came back to Jesus and fell at his feet. I repented and surrendered my will. The thing was that I wanted Jesus without having to compromise or surrender my other pleasures. I wanted to live life the way I wanted, but yet have Jesus to fall back on. It doesn’t work that way, not at all. With Jesus, it’s all or nothing. Either you surrender your all to him, or give him nothing at all. Remember the story when the rich man told Jesus he wanted to follow him? He wanted Jesus, but when Jesus told him to go home and sell all he owned, the man couldn’t do it. He was too attached to his worldly possessions.

God will not compete for you. He will wait for you to come to him. While you are asking him to help you, while you still serve sin, Jesus is patiently waiting for you. He will not compete for you, but he will wait for you. He will wait for you to come to him, and he will welcome you with open arms. He wants you to follow him, but he respects your choices and he allows you to have free will. Ya know why? Because he loves you. If he tried to impose and commanded you to do his will and didn’t give you a choice whether or not you wanted to obey, you would hate him. You wouldn’t love him, because you were being held to do something you didn’t want to do. That is a great role model for parents. If you try to control your kids, they will only come to hate it, but if you rule them with loving guidance and give them free will, they will love you all the more. I am personally glad that we have free will. Although I stumble many times, I love Jesus more so every time I return and he welcomes me with open arms. I mean, think about it. He loves you! He loves you soooo much! He forgives you every time you ask. Every time you turn away from him and sin he is right behind you to catch you and hold you in his arms. This is kinda off topic but, if you are wondering why God lets bad things happen then listen to this quote…

  “The truth about God’s love is not that he allows bad things to happen, but that he will be there to pick you up when they do.” -Love Comes Softly

In that movie, Clark (husband) tells his wife that God will help her and protect her when bad things happen. Even if he was walking right beside his daughter, that doesn’t mean that she would never get hurt. She could still fall, but the things is that God will pick you up, dust you off and give you a loving smile when you do.

To sum it up and make it easier for you; choose God above everything else and trust him in all things. He loves you and he does everything for a reason. He has a purpose for you, follow it. 




One thought on “Choosing and trusting Jesus

  1. Great post! It’s so true that God loves us so much even when we stray! And its always nice to read a post that describes just how I feel 🙂 Thank God for His unfailing love! ❤ Yeah I love that movie and the quote is pretty deep. God bless you for sharing!


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