The Beauty of Black and White

I don’t know if I’m alone on this or not but, I.Love.Black and White. It’s my all time favorite way of looking at pictures.  It helps me look at life in a different perspective. In black and white, everything is so simple, yet complicated. It makes things look…old, and as you probably already know…I love old. I love all the history in vintage ordinary objects (especially if it’s a black and white picture… ;)).

Black and white also applies to our life as well as making a better photo. The reason I love black and white so much is because I feel like it brings out all of the detail in pictures more so than if it had all of it’s colors. You see, the colors are a distraction and they take away from the finer detail. I’m not saying colors shouldn’t be in existence or anything because I love colors, I just like to slow down sometimes and see pictures in a different perspective. This can be applied to our life too, the color represents our busy lifestyle or the world in full swing. Many, if all of us, are VERY busy in our life. If not with physical things then our mind is usually cluttered with thoughts hurled here and there. Sometimes we need to just slow down and spend time in his presence. Enjoy his creation and all the details that he put in this world! Jesus wants us to take time out of our busy schedules and slow down, just sit and talk to him. Remove all the clutter from your mind and be open to what God wants to say. So many times when we are praying or listening for God’s voice we are doing something else. Whether it be listening to the radio, doodling, or something else. You need to stop what you’re doing during your day and just do nothing. Sit in your room alone and listen. That’s it. Use God’s amazing filter of peace to block out the distracting colors. Relax. It can be fun, if you don’t feel comfortable in silence or if you want to get something of your chest then talk to Jesus. He is always there for you. Believe it or not but the bible says he rejoices when you take a little bit of time to talk with him or even just sit in his presence. WOW. He actually makes time for me? He actually cares whether I talk to him or not? Yes. He does. He wants to be your very best friend if you’ll let him. He wants you to love him back. Even if you think you know him, do you? Is he your best friend? Because the only way to know him is to talk to him on a regular basis. Do you know how annoying it would be if a friend you deeply cared about never gave you the time of day, and when that friend did it was only to say a prayer he didn’t mean before meals or ask for something. I encourage you this week, whenever you find yourself bored or if you don’t have time. In the car or in your room, just talk to God. It can be as simple as a joke or just a question. God laughs too, be honest with him. If you’re struggling with a friend or just don’t understand something, ask him. Don’t turn on the radio or listen to a podcast. Even if it is Christian! Just be still. Put on God’s filter and block out the colors pulling at you. Be STILL.




4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Black and White

  1. Oh my! This was timely for me. And it felt like you were talking to me when you talked about turning off the Christian radio or podcasts so we could really listen to God. I love the flow from the black and white picture analogy down to the end of the post. Life really gets busy but with this post, I’m encouraged to take out time to properly talk to God. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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