Show them His love

  I have such a hard time telling others about Jesus, I am embarrassed and scared that I won’t get it right. This is a poem that I wrote that will hopefully inspire you to keep trying and not give up. Go and climb that hill!

  A girl walked on a worn path through the forest, up ahead was a lake that stretched out as far as the girl could see. This girl had many thoughts on her mind. The main one was her future. She had met a boy who was different from others around. He stood out above the crowd. His appearance was pleasing, but more importantly was his heart. He was kind and compassionate, funny and sweet, and he loved to have adventures with those he would meet.  The thing that the girl was bothered about was what He said. He told her that this boy she would one day wed. Now, any girl would be filled with joy at the notion of marrying such a charming young boy; but not this girl, never, no way would she marry someone who didn’t believe the same. She got to the lake and sat at the edge, on a rock that overlooked the water. She thought and thought until finally she asked,

 “Why is he the one in your plan?” The voice came from the sky and sent a breath of fresh air to the girls side.                                         

 “You must learn to trust my plan, in only me should your love abide.” The girl looked quizzically up to the heavens,                                    

 “But God, he doesn’t love you!” The girl cried.                                     

 “Then teach him” the voice replied. The girl thought this was a very good idea, only one problem came to her mind.                                  

 “What if I do not teach him right and then forever he will go without you by his side. I do not think I was cut out for this, I don’t know how to show how to love, I only do love, to you.”                               

 “Do not tell me what you are cut out for and what you are not, it is I who formed you from a rock.” The voice paused for effect then went on, “when you were but a babe did you know how to walk right away?”                                                            

 “Of course not, How could I know how when I was just born.”                                           

 “But then when you got older you learned how, you at first didn’t do so well, you often times fell to the ground. With more experience you became better and better, until now you do without even a thought or a care.”

 “Yes, that is true, but what does it have to do with the problem I brought to you?” The voice smiled and simply said,

 “If you do not practice telling others about me, how do you expect to get better? You are like a baby learning to walk,  when he falls he gets back up and try’s again.” The girl ran the idea through her head, yes it did make sense. She stood up and with a grin looked to the voice, her God of the heavens and earth. Her maker still.                                                                

 “Thank you God, I will do as you say, I will go out and try. When I fall, I will get up and climb to that hill.” God smiled down at her with love in his voice,

 “I will be there. I will help you climb that hill.” The girl turned to the worn path that led her back to her life and walked down it with no fear nor strife. She would not be afraid to fall, she would not be afraid of surrendering it all. Who cares what people thought of her, she would show them all the love that was so easily recieved; and she would show them how to love the one who gave his life for you and me.


  The moral of the story is: even though we may not be good at sharing Jesus to others we mustn’t stop trying because the classic saying, “practice make perfect”. Although we can never be perfect we can try and the more we try the  better we will get until one day we will share Jesus without thinking.




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