Why do we worry?

We all worry, we all stress. We all say we should stop doing those things, yet seldom do we actually stop. There are many reasons why people worry, the one that I see the most is control. We want to control our circumstances so much that we worry and stress about it. We worry about … More Why do we worry?

Good Friday

Hello! How is everyone? I missed you all lots when I was on vacation in Florida! You were in my thoughts and prayers. πŸ˜€ I can’t believe it is already Easter weekend! I have an awesome story to tell you about! So here goes… She threw herself on her bed weeping uncontrollably. “Why God! WHY!?!?” … More Good Friday

Questions for Grace

Got any questions? About God? The bible? Me? Well lucky for you I am starting a series called, “questions for Grace,” and each week I will choose a question to answer and it can be any question. You can email me the question to lifeofgrace1@gmail.com or ask me in the comments. Please give me some … More Questions for Grace