What I Know

   What I know, is You my God are real! No matter how I feel, You never let me go. And what I know, is there will never be a day, You are just a breath away. Through it all I’ve gotta hold, to what I know…  Sometimes we don’t feel God near, or we … More What I Know

Dancing For Jesus

I just wanted to share how I came to love ballet. I never could picture myself as being a ballerina, ever. I loved volleyball and still do, I so wanted to do it professionally. For some reason I was always interested in stretching and being able to do the splits. When I was just starting … More Dancing For Jesus

Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved,God has made a path for you to follow, sometimes the storm makes it hard to see, but if you keep your eyes on not what is seen but what is unseen, you will be able to press on! When we worry about problems, it’s usually about problems to come in the future. Jesus … More Dear Beloved

Good Friday

Hello! How is everyone? I missed you all lots when I was on vacation in Florida! You were in my thoughts and prayers. 😀 I can’t believe it is already Easter weekend! I have an awesome story to tell you about! So here goes… She threw herself on her bed weeping uncontrollably. “Why God! WHY!?!?” … More Good Friday

The B-I-B-L-E

Yep that’s the book for me! 😉 I was reading my bible in 1st and 2nd Corinthians a little while ago and it was so beautiful with the lighting and everything that I took a picture to show you all! Hope you like them! Have a great week! GJ XOXO


Hey y’all, How ya doing today? What are your emotions? Sad, tired? Happy? Excited? Living? Are you alive?! I hope so, cause if you are reading this and were not alive that would kinda be creepy, lol. Today is January 25th, I am at church listening to the worship team practice. It sounds really good! … More @MyChurch

Amazing Life

Are you ever jealous of someone else’s life? Ever mad that your life isn’t the life that you would imagine or want? Well, not to worry we all have those feelings sometime. We have to remember that no one’s life is perfect. It isn’t right to envy other people lives, so what if that person has the IPhone … More Amazing Life